Blaster Bash makes your party unforgettably fun. We bring laser tag to you. We serve the Twin Cities, MN metro and surrounding areas.

We specialize only in laser tag and are committed to creating outstanding laser tag experiences.

We bring everything including blasters, barriers to hide behind, team jerseys, scoring station, and scoreboard. Our crew will set everything up and run all the laser tag games to make sure you and your guests have fun.

Play Field

The amount of space required for the play field depends on how many players will be playing at once. The smallest area we would recommend would be about 15×25 feet.

Most trees, bushes, sheds, and other obstacles are not a problem. In fact they can often make the game more fun by providing interesting spots to hide.

Feel free to contact us and we can make sure the area you have in mind is suitable for laser tag.

We will design the play field layout to keep the games fun and interesting. We have several types and sizes of barriers that we use to create hiding spots and obstacles on the play field. The size of the play field and the number of players that will be playing at once will decide the layout we use for the barriers.

Our crew will arrive about an hour ahead of time to set up the play field and the scoring station.



2–24 players can play in a game at a time. If there are more players than that who want to play, they can take turns. Our crew will make sure that the turns are fair for everyone.

Before each player plays for the first time, they will go through a short training session that includes safety rules. Our crew will also remind players of important safety rules before each game starts.

The Game

Each game starts at the scoring station. Our crew will give each player their team jersey and blaster. Once all the players are ready, the countdown will start.

Once the countdown starts, the players will have 30 seconds to run and find a hiding spot. At the end of the countdown, the game begins.

During the game, the players will run and dodge, duck and hide, sneak and strategize, and go it alone or work together. The whole while, our crew will be watching to make sure everyone is staying safe and having fun.

At the end of the game, the players bring their blasters back to the scoring station. At the scoring station, the scoring computer will gather the scores and statistics for the game from the blasters and then show them on the scoreboard.

The scoreboard shows all the players names, their rank, their score, how many times they tagged and were tagged by each other player, and which team won the game.

Once all the players have seen their scores, they can go back and start the fun all over again.

Clean Up

At the end of your bash, our crew will pack everything up and clean up the play field and scoring station areas.